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DerHappy Parents Happy Kids Summit covers topics like …

  • What to do when your child is stressed out and when you are stressed out
  • How to strengthen emotional resilience through fitness and nutrition
  • The unknown secrets of natural teeth health
  • Benefits of the family bed and physical intimacy with your children
  • Explaining sex education to your children; when to start, how to talk about it
  • Intimate reconnection with your partner
  • Enjoying drama-free and honest conversations with your children and your own parents
  • Making a smoother transition from parent-child to adult-adult relationships
  • The power of play and what it means to really play with your child
  • Cultivating personal emotional intelligence and management
  • 3rd culture kids and how to help your kids develop their own identities.
  • How to be a successful entrepreneur and a great parent simultaneously.

Die Themen des Happy Parents Happy Kids Summit

Die Leitfragen des Happy Parents Happy Kids Summit

  • How can me and my kids be more happy and healthy?
  • Which tools help me in daily life to develop a more peaceful and grounded state of being?
  • How can I find my own unique way as parent?
  • How do I connect better to my children?
  • How do I release my „emotional garbage“ to not having to put it on my kids shoulders?

Diese Experten sprechen

Dr. Joy MartinaAmy LangDr. Helen Maffini
Matthew GreenDebi JohnMaria Kageaki
Michael BornYella CremerChristopher Brown
Jerzy GregorekGreg DenningRachel Denning
Stefanie BrunsMatt FoxStefanie Singapuri
Matthias CebulaSebastian KrenzChirag Singapuri
David BradfordSonja PrestonLucia Von Fürstenberg

Die Veranstalter

Lucy Singapuri – her parents love to call her the golden child – was born in April 2021. Yet so small, she gave the power for this precious project shortly after she was born into this world and intercultural family.

Stefanie Singapuri

…is a woman, mother, wife, kinesiologist, transformational and sensitive coach. She has additionally hosted multiple successful online summits in German on the topics of being a woman and being a man today. She has always had a good connection to kids and made various experiences with children as kinesiologist, horse riding teacher and friend. When she became a mum, one of her biggest dreams came true.

Chirag Singapuri

…is a man, dad, husband, writer and transformational coach who empowers people to become their favorite version of themselves. He runs Self Empowery – a coaching platform where he teaches communication and personal discovery. Before his daughter Lucy was born, he had held only two babys in his arms. Becoming a dad was like getting a VIP ticket into a complete new world. Never had he imagined experiencing such a intimate and loving relationship with a child.


…they experience how much fun, love and fulfillment their family life is. At the same time, it can be challenging and exhausting at times. It is a journey with ups, downs and no no ready-made travel guide.

As students of life Chirag and Stefanie want to learn more about being happy parents, who accompany their happy daughter into a good life with a bright and loving future. Their passion of heart connections and digital communication led them to share the wisdom, experiences and quantum energies of this congress with as many parents, caregivers and parents-to-be for children as possible.

07/04/2022 bis 17/04/2022

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Happy Parents Happy Kids Summit