Food System Chance Online-Kongress

Food System Chance Online-Kongress

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Der Food System Chance Online-Kongress ist genau das Richtige für Dich, wenn Du ...
  • learn more about how you can practically change the current food system into an environmentally friendly food system.
  • learn more about projects across Europe that had already an impact on their local food system.

Die Themen des Food System Change Online-Kongress

The Food System Change Online Congress will offer an exchange platform and will provide valuable insights into the diverse work of niche pioneers across Europe.They will share with us
  • personal experiences,
  • best practices,
  • challenges within the starting phase of the project - and how they were solved
  • financing possibilities
  • first years of implementation/advice on how best to start such an initiative oneself
  • latest innovations
  • Legal framework
  • Advocacy work and
  • Studies/ research results.

Diese Experten sprechen beim Food System Chance Online-Kongress

  • Dr. agr. Johannes Eisenbach, Biocyclic-Vegan Network
  • Roberto Stucchi Prinetti, Biodistretto del Chianti
  • Regionalwert AG
  • Open Source Seeds
  • Johanna Stumpner, Assoziation ökologischer
  • Lebensmittelhersteller e.V.
  • Stephanie Wunder, Ecologic Institute
  • Prof. Dr. Anna Maria Häring, HNE Eberswalde

Die Veranstalter des Food System Chance Online-Kongress

NAHhaft has initiated and developed the platform "Food System Change". We are an independent and non-profit research and consulting organization and are committed to the social-ecological alignment of food systems. We
  • explore strategies for making food systems sustainable
  • promote awareness for healthy and sustainable nutrition
  • advise municipalities, restaurants and caterers on sustainable food supply and
  • promote the dialogue and networking between different actors in this field.
A special focus of our work is on promoting the exchange of different perspectives and positions and to develop common strategies to support powerful movements striving for food system change. With this website we would like to make a contribution in this regard.

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22/03/2021 bis 24/03/2021

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Food System Chance Online-Kongress